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Visual Search

Take a Photo, Tap or Type:
The Search Tool that caters to modern shopping behaviors
Supporting everything from photos to clipboard copy-pastes and enhanced by textual inputs, filters, and smart suggestions, we make product discovery intuitive and accurate.
Image-Based Searches
Smart Augmentation
Instant Similar Products
Supports a wide array of visual inputs including photos and screenshots for a broad search experience.
Enrich your visual search with textual inputs, filters, and even speech for multi-faceted search capabilities.
Click on product images to instantly discover visually similar items.

See Kea Labs' Visual Search

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Key Features

Visual Search Fundamentals

Visual Search forms the core of our innovative tool. Quickly and accurately find products that match your uploaded images, from photos to clipboard pastes

Unified Search Experience

Combine the power of visual and textual search. From handling typos to detecting seasonal trends, our tool has it all
have a typo

Click for Similar Products

Click on any product to instantly uncover a range of similar options

Smart Suggestions and Contextual Understanding

Our Visual Search doesn't just see —
it understands. Get smart suggestions based on context and user intent
Our Visual Search doesn't just see — it understands. Get smart suggestions based on context and user intent

Dynamic Filters

Take control of your search experience. Our Visual Search dynamically generates filters—from category and price to attributes and colors—allowing for a highly customizable search experience

Business Benefits

Appeals to a Diverse User Base
Reach all types of shoppers, whether they prefer visual discovery or diving deep into filters and parameters, we've got them covered.
Quickly Discover Alternatives
Don't lose a sale due to out-of-stock items. Our quick 'Similar Products' button helps customers easily find alternatives.
Future-Ready Technology
Stay ahead of the curve with a search tool that evolves with trends and user behavior.
Boost User Engagement
Keep shoppers intrigued with smart suggestions and similar product options that are just a click away.
Refinement and Narrowing-Down Made Easy
Help your customers get to what they're really looking for by allowing them to quickly refine visual search results with smart filters and suggestions.
Increase Conversion Rates
Turn more searches into purchases by offering a search experience that caters to every user's preference, whether visual, textual, or somewhere in between.

Analytics: Measure the Impact of Visual Search

Unlock insights into how your customers interact with Visual Search.
With Kea Labs' analytics you can explore:
User Involvement
Usage Counters
Product Discoveries
Cart Additions
Search Refinements
Search Trends

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