Smart search

Complete search solution for e-commerce

  • Seamless integration
  • Quick search with autocomplete
  • Error-tolerant search with semantics and synonyms
  • Faceted search with automatic filters

Advanced algorithms and Machine Learning

  • Search by real colors from photos
  • Algorithms to increase Revenue
  • Seasonal adjustment and trends
  • Detailed analytics and insights
  • Merchandising and promotions

Advanced product recommendations

Easy in use but complex inside

  • Accurate recommendations even for complex products
  • Individual math models for each store
  • Visual product recommendations
  • Deep content analysis
  • No developers needed

Advanced algorithms and Machine Learning

  • Advanced pricing strategies
  • Fast-learning algorihm for related items
  • Consumable products, collections and equipment
  • Marketing campaigns and promotions
  • Personalization and trends

Personalized Email Marketing

Behavioral triggered emails

  • Cart abandonment emails
  • Triggered emails
  • Customer re-engagement
  • Email personalization

Send relevant emails to your customers

  • Personalized product recommendations in emails
  • Customers segmentation
  • Newsletters and promotions
  • Actionable analytics through the full customer journeys

Kea Labs suits any ecommerce platform

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