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Advanced recommendations and smart search for e-commerce

Kea Labs automatically grows sales across site search and product recommendations

Convert more searches into sales with smart search

Actionable analytics
Self-learning Search
Personalizes pricing segments for user

Advanced Recommendations

AOV growth with relevant product recommendations
Accurate even for complex products
Personalized recommendations
Actionable analytics and insights
Set recommendations for your goals and business needs

How Combination of Search and Recommendations boosts your revenue

In general, there are 2 types of visitors in your store - surfers and seekers
They use different services, so using both will lead to an increase in the main indicators of the business
2 services exchange data and improve the interaction effect

Powerful platform

Drill down analytics and dozens of useful insights
Identify trends, show products with a higher demand
Supports your marketing goals with custom campaigns and manual adjustments

Supported platforms

const searchPage = new SearchResultsPage({
'showSearchInput': config.isMobile,
'showSuggestions': true,
With a API or javascript integration we can enpower any store or mobile application with Kea Labs. Please contact us and we'll help you!

Works on any platform

Integration and Support

Customizable theme and UI
Easy to install. No developers required
Team assistance and care
API for mobile apps or deep integration
Easy to adjust for your business needs
Kea Labs has embedded A/B testing tool, which measures an engagement of your audience, and calculates an economical effect.
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