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Powerful platform:
all insights in one place

Personalizes pricing segments for user
Self-learning Search
Actionable analytics
Drill down analytics allows exploring of data by navigating from high level metrics down to a more detailed level of individual products and users


High-level summaries

Search analytical insights

Requests without results (for example, bonus cards, but there is no such page) / product, but it is not in the assortment
Lost opportunities (often searched, but not clicked)
Trending queries
What did they buy?
Where did they navigated after the query?
What else had been searched together?
How many times a query was searched?
Details for each request
How much sales increased due to recommendations?
Which products were discovered from recommendations?
How CTR, number of clicks, etc. changed?
How and why AOV increase?
Detailed information about every user session:

Recommendation insights

You can compare the efficiency of every recommendation algorithms and choose the ones which perform better in your store

Analytics for every product

High-level summaries
Conversion rate
Popular by views, purchases
Product performance analytics (how many viewed, visited, baskets)
How the product had been discovered?
What was viewed and purchased together?
How did the demand change?
Detailed analytics
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