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Visual Product Discovery

Understand visual preferences of your shoppers and suggest products they are looking for
Personalize customer journey with detected visual preferences and intent
AI-powered Visually Similar Recommendations
Customizable AI to match your business needs
Kea Labs analyzes product images and recommends the most visually similar products to the featured product

Visually Similar Recommendations

for living room
Relevance is improved thanks to analysis of product attributes, such as characteristics, brands, tags, and metrics like pricing segment, popularity, conversion or price margin

Enhanced by product attributes

straight line model

Personalized customer journey

Kea Labs provides unique Customer Experience with personalized recommendations based on customer visual preferences and current journey on your store
same pattern
similar shades
Kea Labs combines user’s behavioral data from the current session with attributes extracted from the product images.

It’s happening in real-time and don’t require storing of user data.

Personalization without personal data

Visual Product Discovery is a part of Kea Labs platform. All instruments works together. Suggest visually similar products on Search results page with just one click!

Integrate into search

Kea Labs enhances product data with additional attributes directly from the photos. Knowledge of materials, colors, shapes, patterns and other attributes makes recommendations even more accurate.

Automatic product tagging

For men
Long sleeve
Stop visitors from leaving your site! Forget about out of stock products by showing available visually similar alternatives. Put your entire catalog to work.

Forget about out of stock products

Kea Labs platform fits large stores and easily hadles hundreds of thousands of products and millions of visitors

Scalable solution

Focused on your business goals

Kea Labs AI algorithms can be easy customized to achieve your business goals. Measure efficiency of every algorithm in Dashboard.
Seasonal boosts and trends
Custom marketing campaigns
Brand preferences
What attributes needs to be considered in recommendations

How visual recommendation can help your business?

Integrate with API into your mobile application
Improve SEO ranking with better User behavior metrics
Encourage visitors to discover more of your catalog
Lower bounce rate
Improve on-site navigation with visually similar products based on photo attributes
Boost conversions with suggesting more relevant items
Visual recommendations
Art and handcraft
Home and decor
Ask all your questions, and see Kea Labs in action with a focus on your business needs and objectives.

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