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Your custom Recommendation System for

Highly customisable SaaS Recommendation system for any industry

Recommendations system for your industry

Real Estate
HR, Job boards
E-mail campaigns

Recommendation engine as a service

Hosted cloud Recommendation Engine with flexible settings and clean API.
Model your own domain with flexible API: define data types, attributes and events which matter in your industry.

Custom-made recommender systems

No prior knowledge required
Scalable solution
Ultimate control, easy customization
How recommendation engine can help your business?
Increase conversion, Average Order Size and Lifetime Value
Engage and retain audience
Increase pages per session/time spent
Decrease churn rate
Higher satisfaction
User Loyalty
Improve User experience

Custom recommendation algorithms and models

Kea Labs has pre-build recommendation models easy customizable for your industry.
Like: Personalisation, You may like, Recommendations for User Cart
Item-to-user recommendations
Find users with similar interests, suggest friends, etc.
For example: Related products, Similar articles, After view users are buying
Item-to-item recommendations
For example, find the best audience for email campaign or promotion
Photos and colors analysis
Associative rules, automated bundles
Customizable recommendation algorithms
Accurate recommendations even for complex items
Enhanced algorithm for related items

Advanced algorithms and Machine Learning

Easy integration to your technological stack

You can easily plug-in recommendation engine to your website, mobile application, emailing system or any other application with help of RESTful API, GraphQL or native SDKs for most of the popular stacks.
Ask all your questions, and see Kea Labs in action with a focus on your business needs and objectives.

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