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Smart Search

Convert more searches into sales with a Smart Search

Made with Search best practices

Get your customers to find in 3 clicks
Match your design
User-friendly interface
Perfectly works on any device
Blazingly fast
Faceted search with filters
Instant and relevant search
Search suggestions and autocomplete
Tailored to your business
Synonyms and spell-check
Search by color from photos
Algorithms to boost revenue
Makes the search experience even faster, shows the results after first two keystrokes.

Instant Search

What else do we do to bring results faster:
search history
words to complete the query
popular queries

Semantic based Search

desired product
have a typo
related categories
Synonyms, and Shop-specific dictionaries
Spellchecking and Error tolerance
Advanced linguistic features
Natural language processing
Search in a specific category

Search in categories and sections

Analyzes product photos and recognizes more than 1,500 colors and shades of them.

Search by color

Search by real colors from photos
Light Blue
Dark Blue
Simplifies navigation with automatic filters over search results


All-in-one platform

‘Seekers’ - who know their needs and prefer searching the products
Typically there are two types of visitors in every store:
One tool is not enough to help both types of visitors. That’s why using Search and Recommendation tools is more efficient
Having Search, Recommendations and Personalization tools from the same platform is more efficient and gains more profit for you, simply because all the tools enhance each other
‘Surfers' who prefer visual way of discovering, and engage with recommendations
Ask all your questions, and see Kea Labs in action with a focus on your business needs and objectives.

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