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AI-powered Search API

Unified, relevant, full-text Search API optimized for websites and mobile applications with lots of dynamic content

Search as a Service

Design a schema for your data, and use simple lightweight RESTful API for Search. Thanks to fast indexing and robust API you can implement custom search solutions even with lots of dynamic content.
Simple and flexible API
Don’t need to worry about maintenance and hardware provisioning. Search engine is hosted and managed by us in a cloud, and automatically scale to support your loading. So there’s nothing for you to manage or care about.
Hosted and Scalable
Flexible and customizable search schemas allow you to control search logic and meet your business needs. Specify priority of fields and required search features to tune relevance.
Control and customization
You don’t need to wait to see updates available in the search. Our API allows you to see changes in data immediately, without any waiting or index rebuild.
Instant indexing

Build your own Search
with ready top-level features

API call
Fuzzy search
Automatic facets and filters
Multilinguale search
Automatic spelling correction
Query completion

desired product
have a typo
related categories
Synonyms and custom dictionaries
Spellchecking and Error tolerance
Advanced linguistic features
Natural language processing

Self-learning AI search

Search analyzes user interactions to detect the trends and changes in users interests. Search is constantly adapting to trends and keeps delivering relevant results for users.
Whatever your business niche is, you can define the actions which lead to success: clicks, purchases, sign-ups, transactions, calls. Search relevance is getting optimized to achieve more success ations whatever they are.
Embedded Machine Learning models automatically adjust relevance with a user's behavior. Just send via API user interactions which metters to your business and models will reflect them in the relevance.
Focused on success
Automatically adapting to trends
Continuously improved relevance

Powerful analytics

Drill down analytics allows exploring of data by navigating from high level metrics down to a more detailed level of individual products and users
High-level summaries

Search analytical insights

Trending queries
Lost opportunities (often searched, but not clicked)
Requests without results
Details for each request
How many times a query was searched?
What else had been searched together?
Where did they navigated after the query?
What did they buy?

Easy integration to your technological stack

You can easily plug-in recommendation engine to your website, mobile application, emailing system or any other application with help of RESTful API, GraphQL or native SDKs for most of the popular stacks.
Ask all your questions, and see Kea Labs in action with a focus on your business needs and objectives.

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